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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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Since 2020 has been such a doozy, this gift giving season feels like it deserves a little more time and attention to find extra special gifts.

Personally speaking, I'm taking my time researching unique gifts for the people on my list putting quality over quantity and aiming for giving the gift of experience at any chance possible. 

As a small business that launched in the middle of this pandemic, I know how important every single sale can be in keeping a business alive and hopes high. 

So it is in this light that I created a 2020 Holiday Gift Guide compiled of unique finds from small and specialty stores, experiences you can enjoy from home and practical but special items that will stand the test of time. 

Items I have purchased, love and endorse are marked with an *.  

Have a unique gift suggestion from a small business or that delivers an experience? I'd love to hear about it. Drop a comment below and I will either add it here or keep it in mind for next year's Gift Guide. 


(Side note, these are my thoughts and suggestions with links that go directly to the item. I will NOT receive any kind of commission if you chose to buy any items or support any of these businesses.) 




Blaire Ritchey carry all purse


Blaire Ritchey Purse The coolest carry all purse by a Cleveland female entrepreneur. It tops my wish list this year.

Need a style refresh? Book a styling session with one of our favorite stylists or image consultants. We are BIG fans of The Wardrobe Consultant, The Artistry of You, The Blonde Mom and Styled with PersoNatalie to name a few.

Because all the handwashing and sanitizing is doing a number on my hands. This Deborah Lipman cuticle lab will bring infuse some health and life back into your fingertips.

Mini fridge. Frivolous and yet completely practical for storing all those expensive skin care items you've been adding to cart.

The Hanger Valet. Because who couldn’t use a little more organization in their closet or travel?



Custom jacket from Davide Cotugno Tailors


If you are local to Cleveland and have someone that appreciates bespoke clothing, a custom shirt, suit or accessory from Davide Cotugno Executive Tailors is an elegant and appreciated gift.*

Proof Syrup for mixing up a tasty old fashioned with minimal effort.*

A swanky set of rocks glasses for sipping those old fashioned drinks or just for straight up bourbon. 

A turntable for kicking back and relaxing to music (maybe with that old fashioned and rocks glass).

A Yeti Backpack cooler so they can walk to the beach without pulling their back dragging a cooler behind them.




Mystery Tackle subscription box


A Mystery Tackle Box subscription for the budding outdoorsman.*

A subscription to Universal Yums so they can travel and snack for 3, 6 or 12 months.*

A beautiful set of dominoes so if they leave them out, it is at least pretty to look at.

A book to spark entrepreneurship, Bee Fearless is a middle grade memoir about life and business from founder of Me & The Bees Lemonade.  

The Longest Fold-Out Coloring Book in the World so everyone can get in on the fun.  

A pop up mini camper for when they need a little time alone or a nook to read in. (This is the toy I always wished for as a kid.)   




PhiloSophies 2020 commemorative ornament


An ornament that commemorates this year but in a positive way.

An artisanal hand soap and lotion set from Willow Hill Soap Company to keep those hands clean and moisturized. (They also have an incredible array of body care, beard care and candles.)*

A houseplant subscription to finally become that crazy plant lady you aspire to be.

A pair of timeless home design books by Erin Gates that look beautiful stacked as decoration or serve as interior inspiration when read.* 


Books & Music

(Amazon is fine, but give independent bookstores some love this season)

How I Built This by Guy Raz


How I Built This because Guy Raz for President and because this is the best book for entrepreneurs of any size.*

Aim big for 2021 with a big goal list. But first, read Brave Not Perfect for inspiration and motivation. *

A hard copy of my most recommended book of all time, The Power of Habits. It explains how habits are made, broken, how advertisers use habits to sell things and so much more. *

Because royal fashion will never go out of style, HRH so many thoughts on royal style is the perfect coffee table book and way to be inspired for when we can get dressed and go out again to big parties. 

Make the reason why you hung on to all those CD’s over the years count with a cool CD player.

A Bluetooth portable speaker with microphone because the first party of 2021 should be huge, loud and filled with people screeching lyrics for the neighborhood to hear.*

A custom soundwave art piece to remind someone special of a dedicated song.


Food & Wine

Shake and Spoon cocktail subscription box


If your plans include a lot of hanging out at home over the next few months, then make it fun with a Shaker & Spoon cocktail of the month subscription.*

The newest Barefoot Contessa Modern Comfort Food cookbook because Ina Garten is everything comforting and never has a bad recipe.*

Is there anything better than a box of cookies or a cake that shows up on your doorstep from Milk Bar? I think not.

Repris wine subscription because their virtual wine tastings are top notch and the wine is even better (the Zinfandel is my hands down favorite).*