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The Hanger Valet was developed by a mom on a mission to not miss the school bus or a meeting because of disorganized mornings. 

To combat lost socks, mismatched outfits, and the overall stress of getting dressed while short on time in the morning, she started planning outfits ahead for her and her kids. This Sunday night routine for the week returned a priceless ROI during the weekday morning rush. 

Through trial and error she found hanging - rather than folding - meant less ironing for her and less confusion for her kids in the morning. 

While planning outfits ahead helped, she found there was still the issue about keeping socks, accessories, jewelry and undergarments organized with the outfit.  

And so The Hanger Valet was developed. 

The Hanger Valet is an open-ended, open-sided hanging closet organizer with zippered pockets to securely store the accessories and items with that day's outfit. The Hanger Valet is offered in two sizes - one for kids and another for adults. 

Plan outfits ahead on a Sunday and save time in the morning Monday through Friday. Go rogue and wild on the weekend and repeat the process on a Sunday. 

Use The Hanger Valet at home in your closet, while getting ready for work at the gym or to stay organized when traveling. 



The Hanger Valet is a woman-owned business located and manufacturing in Cleveland, Ohio. We believe small movements become big change. At every opportunity, we aim to work with local companies and small owned enterprises to fuel the local and US economy. 

We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the earth. In addition to minimizing unnecessary packaging whenever possible, we also responsibly recycle all scraps from the manufacturing of The Hanger Valet. 



Erin Toohey Naso, Founder 

The Hanger Valet