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How to Make an Outfit Interesting – Layered Necklaces
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How to Make an Outfit Interesting – Layered Necklaces

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Accessories is what makes an outfit pop. Even a simple t-shirt and jeans can look pulled together with the right jewelry.

And since we are continuing to live in a world where we are mostly being seen from the waist up on Zoom calls and even at our desks when in person, necklaces are particularly important in helping tie the look together and add interest to the outfit.

An easy way to accessorize and feel trendy yet appropriate is with layered necklaces. They work particularly well with v-neck shirts and blouses, which are a universally flattering fit for most body types and face shapes.

But striking the right balance on layered necklaces can be tricky even though it can look so effortless. To understand how to do the layered look, I turned to Hallie Abrams of The Wardrobe Consultant and her tips and tricks and examples on how to layer right.

You can read her Helpful Hints on How to Layer Necklaces here including how to fill up the space, easy rules for layering - including how to mix and match metals -  and shop some of Hallie's favorite layered necklaces at a variety of price points. 

Learn how to layer necklaces like a stylist.  

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Hallie Abrams, The Wardrobe Consultant