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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021
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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

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Mother’s Day is May 9, which means it is wise to start thinking now about how you can spoil your Mom or Mom figure in a few weeks.

This year was especially taxing on Moms with the homeschooling, working from home, cooking a bazillion meals a day, keeping all the balls in the air, being there emotionally for everyone in the house and making the magic happen day in and day out. 

Mom is tired. She needs more than a nap, flowers and brunch this year. Maybe she'd like a hangover

Or maybe she would like any one of the other unique, creative, thoughtful, or special gifts that we've included in our Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021. 

Above all, if you are a Dad, husband or significant other managing Mother’s Day this year, make sure the kids get Mom a card. Any Mom with young kids would love a handmade card with a message from their child. As Ina says "store bought is fine" but for Mother's Day, homemade is actually perfect.


Personal Shopper or Stylist Experience

Mom’s are always the last to spend on themselves and the last to get ready. After this last year of yoga pants and uber casual wear, many women are apprehensive about what to wear and how to wear it. A gift certificate to work with a personal stylist will help her build her wardrobe and her confidence. Plus it is time away from the family where she can focus on herself and allow someone else to invest in her.

If this sounds like fun, you might like to read How to Pick a Stylist + Recommendations.

In that blog, we give our 10/10 recommendations on the following stylists: Kendra Bissig from The Blonde Mom, Hallie Abrams from The Wardrobe Consultant, Pat Gibson from The Artistry of You, Iva Marie Creed from Mile High in Heels, Theodora Pace from Cha Cha Olivia.  

You can gift her with a gift card for styling along with The Hanger Valet so she can organize her new outfits and get ready easier.

Clothing store

Skincare and Pampering

Stress causes wrinkles. Wrinkles make Mom’s cranky. Ergo, help us get rid of the wrinkles by sending us to the spa for a HydraFacial. These facials cleanse, exfoliate and infuse the skin with intensive serums leaving skin plump and fresh. She will look immediately younger and fresher with zero downtime.

HydraFacials are available at virtually any medical spa or upscale skincare facility. They range in price between $125 and $200 depending on where you live and the type of spa.

If you have room in your budget, I recommend adding a little extra to the gift card so she can purchase some of the products that were used during her service.

To find a location near you, search “HydraFacial” and do a little research – including cross checking on Instagram – on the facility, estheticians and customer reviews. Or just ask what her favorite and most needed spa service is and where she likes best. Simple and done.



If your wife or significant other is known for wearing old t-shirts and boxers to bed, it might be time to give her the gift of new pajamas. They are often the last thing we buy for ourselves but make us feel important, cared for and like we have our sh*t together.

Lots of beautiful pajamas are out there including from Soma, Anthropologie, Eberjay, Tanya Taylor or Nordstrom. A set including a pair of shorts and cami with coordinating pants or robe will create a mix and match situation she can wear and feel fabulous multiple nights a week.

And if you don’t hit the mark, no big deal. Give her the gift receipt and let her pick out a replacement. Don’t make a big deal of it. Pajamas can be very personal and specific for women.

Anthropologie Pajamas

A Bag as Gorgeous as She Is

Bags and purses can also be especially personal and specific for women (ahem, me). So it is a good idea to do some research on what she already carries. Does she gravitate to designer or familiar brands? Or does she prefer unique bags that are handmade from small businesses? And what about shape and size and material? 

Is she a tote gal that that regularly sticks her computer in her bag? Then the Penn Carryall from Blaire Ritchey is a solid and gorgeous choice.

Is she more of a hand-held person and likes to wear something special for nights out? The Finley Clutch from Fount will last for years and just gets better with age.

Does she like super one of a kind bags she can have a hand in designing? Remnants not only has a ton of unique bags, but also offers custom order options ensuring Mom's bag is one of a kind. 

And if leather is not her thing but a well constructed and beautiful silhouette is what you are after, this vegan Cher Tote from Angela Roi is the perfect addition to her collection. 

Blaire Ritchey Penn Caryall

A Forever Keepsake

As they say, the days drag but the years fly. Mom’s can be so busy in the day to day that we forget to write down the special moments and develop the pictures.

This book or something similar is just the ticket to give her year to year with answers directly from the kids. If possible, have them write their answers. Go the extra mile and attach a picture of the child at the age or create a video of them reading it so she can remember them how they were at that age.


Family Pictures

Is Mom always the one taking the picture and rarely if ever in the picture? It's time to get her in the frame. 

Take the lead and schedule a family photographer to come over and snap some pics of the candid moments. Prove that you’ve put thought into this by buying a beautiful frame a family photo can go in. You might even go so far as to pick out coordinating outfits for you and the kids (with the help of The Hanger Valet of course) to show how much thought went into this. 

Yes, she might freak out that she isn’t in charge of this. But gently remind her that you want her to be in the picture and it is a no pressure memory you are hoping to make for her. I promise after she calms down she will be forever grateful.

If this seems like scheduling a photographer is too big a move for you, then simply taking the photos of her in the everyday with her interacting with the kids (laying on the couch, kissing them in the morning or goodnight, reading with them, cooking, watching the kids play at home, perform in dance or play sports) and developing those into a book or digital keepsake will blow her away at the thoughtfulness. 


A Night Out with the Girls

Wow do we miss our friends. In a year when we had to park it at home for not only safety reasons but because the work of being a Mom stretched from sunup to sundown plus the hours in between, we are hungry for girl time.

Join forces with the guys and buy the special Mom’s in your life the gift of a night away. Whether you send her on a trip that requires a plane ride or she goes 30 minutes down the road, get her out of the house and out with the girls. Plan a dinner and if possible and budget allows, a spa treatment. Take care of a many details as possible (but be sure to check that family calendar first).

Hint hint: Charleston is always a good idea.


Zen Like a Mother

If sending Mom away for a restorative weekend is out of the budget, then consider smaller but lovely gifts she can use at home to find peace and relaxation each night or on the weekend. 

Things like a silk pillowcase for a more gentle and peaceful night of rest or restorative yoga props like a bolster, blocks and blanket plus a gift card to a restorative yoga class near you. 

Woman with yoga bolster

The Gift That Keeps on Giving all Year

Nope. Not talking about Jelly Beans.

Mother’s Day comes and goes so fast, especially when it means seeing grandmother’s and other mother figures on that one Sunday a year. Or, if she is a Mom of children in spring sports, there is a high probability she will be spending the day watching baseball, lacrosse, soccer, dance recitals or similar that weekend.

You will never find a Mom that would be annoyed to be thanked regularly for being an awesome Mom. The best way to do that – a monthly subscription gift box. 

Last year my husband got me Shaker & Spoon – a cocktail subscription box. Every month we spend a date night at home mixing drinks and catching up on our lives. We’ve also built it into patio drinks with friends as something different to do. It is always a hit month after month and is something fun to look forward to.

Other subscription boxes that would be super fun to get:

A Parnassus Books First Editions Club subscription for the book lover who puts a priority on reading new books signed by the authors. 

Stitchfix or Trunk Club for the woman who never has time or hates to shop for herself (and isn't ready for a personal stylist as mentioned above). 

A Wine Club subscription (we have been members of Repris, Dutcher Crossing, Artesa and MCellars before and recommend them all).

Cheesemonger Box because let’s be honest – eating cheese and wine is the perfect dinner.

Shaker & Spoon subscription box

Note: The items in the gift guide are simply my suggestions and recommendations. If you choose to click or buy anything, I will NOT earn a commission.