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9 Closet Gadgets and Products That Keep You Organized and Looking Polished
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9 Closet Gadgets and Products That Keep You Organized and Looking Polished

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Now that you've decluttered your closet, created an ideal space to work in, bought coordinating hangers, and hung up only the clothes you will wear, your closet is ready to work for you.  

But in your closet organization project, you may have overlooked a few super helpful - and dare I say - essential closet gadgets that will help you stay organized and keep your clothes and you looking polished.

Take a look at some of our favorite closet gadgets and products that help you start the day organized, help you look polished and keep your clothes looking their best for years to come.


The Hanger Valet

If you’ve ever been short on time in the morning or feel a little worried you will forget something for an outfit, then The Hanger Valet will simplify the process of getting ready for the day or event.

Use the four clear zippered pockets to keep accessories, jewelry, socks, undergarments, shapeware, or anything else small that goes with an outfit. The back fabric pocket makes it easy to discreetly store anything you want out of site or to hold a scarf, clutch or anything not easily hung on a hanger.

Sold individually or as a M-F bundle. (There is also a children’s version to keep those busy school mornings running smoothly all while teaching independence and building confidence.) 

The Hanger Valet


The Frame

This genius wardrobe styling tool holds an acrylic frame from a hanger so you can insert a picture of an outfit to wear as inspiration or as direction and then plan the outfit behind it. It’s like the kissing cousin to The Hanger Valet but with visual prompts so you know exactly what an outfit will look like.

For anyone that has ever worked with a stylist and walked away with a look book or flat lay collage, having this tool will help bring a bit more organization and inspiration to your closet.

Outfit Your Closet - The Frame



As a person who absolutely hates to iron, steaming my clothes is really the only way to ensure I don’t arrive looking like a rumpled mess.

The linked steamer uses distilled water and requires minimal maintenance. It also requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. 

Garment Steamer


Travel Steamer

I’m a Gemini so I tend to have two of things I love. Two hairdryers. Two pairs of my favorite booties. Having a backup is the name of my game and I’m not ashamed.

So having a travel steamer ensures that should the big steamer go down, I have backup. But also, the travel steamer never gets left behind whenever I travel for work or fun.

The one linked uses tap water (because who travels with distilled water) and can steam a jumpsuit, polo and pair of pants on one water tank and in about 10 minutes. 

Travel Garment Steamer


Wall Hook

Isn’t it funny how the smallest of things can bring the most joy? This is the story behind a large scoop closet hook. 

A few years ago I installed one in my closet. This is the place I pull garments to create outfits, prepare my outfits ahead (using The Hanger Valet of course) and hang freshly steamed garments and not worry about them wrinkling. 

Make sure to pick a hook with a large scoop and that can hold a good amount of weight. You don’t want hangers slipping off the hook – or worse – having the hook coming out of your wall under the weight of clothes. This one from Anthropologie looks adorable and perfect. 

Large towel Hook


Wine Away Spot Remover

Yes I know this product is called wine away, but the truth is it can be used for nearly any stain. Blood, chocolate, tomato sauce, pesto, wine, wine and wine. There was one summer that without fail, every time I wore a pair of white linen capri’s, I would spill red wine on them. This genie in a bottle removed any sign of a spill and allowed the wine to completely wash out.

The orange scent is pleasant to smell and the formula is biodegradable. 

Wine Away can be found at World Market (linked), Amazon or at neighborhood wine stores. A bottle usually lasts us a year and that is with two wine drinkers in the house and two kids that use their shirts as napkins. 

Wine Away


Sweater Stone

Next to ironing, my least favorite clothing maintenance task is shaving sweaters. Like HATE it. (If there is anyone out there that offers this as a service, please tell me.)

The hatred of shaving sweaters sometimes impacts the sweaters I choose to wear. For too many years I would leave the cashmere sweaters on the shelf because I did not want to deal with maintaining them. What a waste. 

Then along came this sweater stone that makes quick work of removing the pills. Simply lay the sweater on a hard surface and brush the stone in one direction in short swipes. Even if you are like me and have zero patience, this sweater stone makes quick work of shaving. Just make sure you don’t go too fast and make sure to wipe down the surface and vacuum the floor from the little sand bits that get left behind from the stone.

Sweater Stone


Lingerie Bags

These bags are the workhorse of the laundry room. From bras to underwear to strappy cami’s to masks to scarves, these little bags make it possible to keep clothes looking their best for longer.

I’m a firm believer there can never be too many of these bags. Plus, as a Gemini (see above) I need backups of backups. Because laundry without a lingerie bag just seems barbaric.

PS: I like these bags because of the honeycomb structure and that they use YKK zippers - the industry leader in zippers (and what we use on all Hanger Valet's).

Lingerie Bags


Dry Cleaning at Home

Speaking of laundry, Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner bags are also a non-negotiable for clothes washing. The process could not be easier for light cleaning of dry-clean only garments.

Simply pop the item in the bag (make sure to pre-treat stains or spots) and put in the dryer based on the recommendations with the kit.

My husband uses this for his business shirts and other dry clean only items. For items that are heavily soiled or that may require more care, traditional dry cleaning is probably recommended.

We started using Dryel At Home years ago because the dry cleaning bills were getting to be excessive and my husband was getting sensitive to the smells and wondered what all that chemicals were doing to him. While we still get items traditionally dry cleaned, Dryel is our first step on 95% of our items.



Do you have a closet, laundry or otherwise similar gadgetry you can’t live without? If so, tell me about it!


Note: The suggestions are simply products I love and think you will too. If you choose to click or buy anything, I will NOT earn a commission.