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Let It Go: 6 Things To Remove From Your Wardrobe

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The power of less concept has never been more powerful than when it comes to your closet.


How often have you stood in front of your clothes feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices? Streamlining your wardrobe options not only helps you get ready easier, it also makes getting dressed more empowering and fun.


Imagine a world of jeans and pants that fit or blouses and tops that fit and flatter. Imagine never feeling frumpy or self conscious because undergarments are ill fitting or shoes have been nicked and worn down.


The time you put in now to letting go of items that no longer serve you will return in spades on mornings when you are getting ready (or on weekends when you are putting together outfits with The Hanger Valet).


Here’s your permission slip to get rid of 6 types of things and make getting dressed fun and empowering again.


Clothes That Are Faded, Stained, Torn, Worn or Pilled

Memories are often attached to the items that have seen the most “love” in our wardrobe. And for this reason, they are the hardest to say goodbye to. But if that black shirt is more of a green black or there are pills of fabric emerging from where a sleeve rubs against the body (and it can’t be fixed), it is time to say goodbye.


If you love it so much, then do your best to find a replacement. The style will likely have been updated (which is the point) but you’ll know it will be in heavy rotation again.


Clothes That Are Too Small

Maybe the dryer did shrink those jeans. Or maybe the jelly beans did it. Whatever the reason, holding onto items that no longer fit and flatter will actually make you feel worse about yourself in the long run. Let. It. Go. Dress for the body you have now, not the one you wish for.


Clothes That Are Too Big

Weight fluctuates for a number of reasons. Sometimes sales have us buying things that aren’t our normal size but were too good a deal to pass up.


Try it on and get serious. If it gaps or drapes or calls attention to areas that should not be called attention to, let it go. If your eye goes there, can you imagine what a boss, client, customer or stranger may think?


Underwear, Bras and Shapewear That Have Lost Life

This can be the hardest for so many because replacing items no one sees can be expensive and annoying. But the reality is undergarments are a foundation for everything that goes on top. If the foundation is strong, the house will be too.


  • Start with getting a proper bra fitting. And if you are wearing the correct size, be sure to replace bras every 12 – 14 months if they are in heavy rotation.


  • Take a good look at that underwear. Are they stretched? Have holes (please say no)? Are they moving one way when you move another? Time to let it go and replace. 


  • And when it comes to shape wear, if you can’t breathe in it or you feel miserable wearing it, let it go. Shape wear is only supposed to amplify and smooth – not morph you into an impossible version of yourself.


Shoes That Don’t Fit or Are Worn

 If it hurts, stop wearing it. If you are gripping your toes to keep a shoe on, it does not fit. If you are walking like a baby giraffe, the shoe is not for you. If you are using a sharpie to color it, stop and toss.


After editing shoes, you’ll likely find a handful of brands that remain in your closet. This is an indicator of a good fit and style you trend toward. So when you find yourself ogling the sale rack again, keep committed to brands that you love and stand the fit test.


Been There Purses and Crappy Accessories

Sometimes these items can be timeless and classic. A little love from a leather conditioning or a polish can bring them back to life.


But many times these items are just worn and tired and need to retire.


  • Take a look at your purse. Is it cracking on the bottom or shoes a lot of wear? If it is synthetic, it likely can not be revived. Say thank you and move it to retirement. Purses and bags are a statement piece and often times what people see first (especially if you live in a climate where coats are worn 5 – 7 months out of the year).


  • Next take a look at your accessories. Are they in line with your style? Are they proportionate to your face and features? Do the colors complement your skin tone and primary wardrobe color palette? If not, you are likely not wearing these pieces often. I give your permission to say goodbye.


Significant closet edits can really bring out all the feels. Realize the work you put in to saying goodbye means you are creating a better and functional wardrobe.