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Denim Care Tips
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Denim Care Tips

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After two seasons of working from home in leggings this spring and then forgiving dresses this summer, I approach the fall and denim season with a little trepidation.

Like many, there has been a lot of extra snacks, wine and sweets that have happened here. There will surely be some snug fitting days ahead as I pull on denim with cozy sweaters or tailored jackets.

Quite honestly I'm sick of leggings and am ready to feel more put together when I leave the house even if for a grocery run. Too many days in a row of "comfy clothes" leaves me feeling a little lazy and rudderless.

There are so many brands of denim that give a structured look but offer a ton of stretch. Some favorites are Paige, AG and Wit & Wisdom. I recently tried on a pair of Loft denim and was impressed not only with the fit and construction, but also with the price. 

Since it has been a minute since we have worn denim, it’s also been a minute since we’ve thought about how to clean denim.

Here are a few helpful reminders about how to care for and extend the life of your denim.


Wash Less

  • Washing denim too often will not only fade the color, but compromise the fabric and durability. Unless they encounter a spill or you sweat a bunch, you only should wash denim every 8 – 10 wears.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash

  • Hand washing denim is hard work as the fabric weighs a ton of bricks when wet. If you have a bunch of time or need an upper body workout, then maybe handwashing is your thing. Or if you have super expensive denim or raw or selvedge hems, then this might be the best option.
  • For most of us, the machine it is. For all of us, denim should be turned inside out first and then washed only in cold water.
  •  If possible, turn off the agitator or wash on a delicate or gentle cycle.

Detergent Decisions

  • For high ticket denim, it’s worth the cost to invest in a detergent that is mild or specifically for denim. Brands like Woolite, The Laundress are great options.
  •  If using a regular detergent, think about going light on the pour.

Say No to the Dryer

  • Universal opinion and recommendation is to line dry only as heat from the machine can compromise the Lycra and other fabrics. Keep in mind that line drying means drying inside the house rather than outdoor where the sun can damage the fibers and bleach the color.

To Hang or to Fold

  • If possible, hang denim rather than folding in a drawer. Doing so will allow for the fabric to breathe between wearing’s and prevent creases from forming from being folded.

  • Hanging your denim where you can find it also makes it easy to organize your outfits. Plan ahead, choose undergarment and accessories and bundle it all together with the help of The Hanger Valet for easy mornings.

  • Keep in mind when hanging that dark dyed denim should not come in contact with light or white colored fabrics as the color can run off. Color coding your closet with whites to darks is an easy way to keep your garments safe and your closet visually organized.